In my last blog I asked the question, could our Republic ward off the attacks it has been facing over the last 125 years. The answer is simple. What does every structure need in order to remain standing, whether you are talking about a building or in our case a country? What has to be stable, secure, unmoving, reliable, virtually indestructible, but also repairable? A Foundation! Without a foundation a superstructure crumbles, without a foundation, ideals fail, when ideals fail, a country fails, when the country fails, the republic fails, when the Republic fails, Liberty dies. But what is the Foundation of our Republic and how could it possibly fail? It starts with a lie. Just as in the Garden. Not a tremendous fib, just a little question or statement aimed at the crucial center of the foundation. The lie is carefully constructed so as not to cause alarm but, to question. Do you really believe that? No one would accept that premise in a modern society, would they. Does that really make sense in light of all the new scientific discoveries? Did you know that modern historians have come to a consensus, and rule out the tired old fairytales from over 200 years ago. You know, the Founding Fathers were all deists. They were all for slavery. Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton, and all the rest of them started a war for economic reasons. They abhorred Christianity, so why would that have anything to do with the founding. The French Enlightenment was the main source for the Declaration of Ind. and the Constitution. THAT IS WHY THE CONSTITUTION IS GODLESS! There it is, the foundation has been successfully undermined and note how easily it went unnoticed. The Christian Foundation of the American Nation had become compromised and virtually removed. How come we did not see this coming? Maybe because the Watchmen were asleep. That is why we accepted the unacceptable, the removal of prayer and Bible in schools. The removal of Christian principles from the general public. While they slept, all sorts of vile sexual conduct were foisted upon the a now willing and ignorant public. Without guidance from holders of Truth, all sorts of despicable ideas and depraved activity became common place. As the Foundation continued to receive blow after blow, who was there to defend the precious ideals that the fathers so loved. Where was that entity that had fought for decades to uphold the standards that at one time were so dearly cherished. How could they possibly abandon their posts and allow this horrid evil to rise and gain such prominence! Do they not see the destructiveness occurring, bringing with it spiritual emptiness, wanton behavior, tyranny and death? WHERE ARE THEY? They? How about US? We, the Church, are the Watchmen! We are the voice of TRUTH! We are the Defenders of "The Soul Of America". Yet we ourselves have become compromised. We fear to proclaim Grace, because we do not want to offend. Many in our ranks do not mention or point out sin because it might upset those destined to eternal damnation. But maybe it is because it is no longer our place to get involved in the culture. So we put away our responsibilities, pack up our trumpets of proclamation and wait... meanwhile the precious gift of liberty is lost. But, moreover, because we no longer have Religious freedom, The PRICELESS GIFT of CHRIST is banned from the ears of the lost.