In recent months we have witnessed a heavy emphasis on the issue of slavery in America. Why is that? Has slavery once again been become legal in the United States? Is there a popular movement to reintroduce slavery as a method of acquiring workers? Has our shame not been enough? Have there not been enough deaths to atone for that evil? Are there slave markets appearing in town centers or seaside wharfs? So why then this sudden urge to relive a tragic era in our past? One that was a cause for the the most disastrous war in our history. A conflict ,whose outcome, abolished slavery forever over 150 years ago. Caught up in the fervor of litigating the past, is an effort to attack anyone who was ever involved in slavery. That would include but not limited to slaveholders, those supporting slaveholders, those who fought for slavery, and anyone who did not do enough to end the practice. At first the targets were obvious, those who fought for or supported the Confederacy. But there are rumblings regarding the Founding Fathers and their ties to slavery. After all George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were participants in this nefarious violation of human rights. So why do we honor them? Proposals have been made to tear down their memorials, blast them off Mount Rushmore, and banish them from our history books. Are they exempt just because of some good deeds? So what if Jefferson wrote the founding document that proclaimed us a new nation. So what if Washington fought the war that achieved the goal set forth in the Declaration and then became our 1st president, they both owned slaves so that should justify their removal.
But just a minute here, were they not men of their times? Are we going to judge other figures of history by todays standards? Serious historians have not done that in the past for very good reason, no one would pass this criteria. Our history books would be very limited, subject to change with every new generation. So the question remains, why now?
The answer goes back to previous articles that I have written, revisionism. In this case the removal of the Founding Fathers along with any of their documents that do not coincide with secular progressivism. The Declaration of Independence, with it’s heavy emphasis on rights being derived from our Creator, is a stumbling block to those who want the State to be the supreme originator of rights. The United States Constitution, which was created to LIMIT government, gets in the way of the progressive goal of total power vested in the government. These documents and those who created them must, at all costs, be compromised. The Declaration and Constitution will be considered illegitimate because the authors were scoundrels, murderers, slaveholders, who have no place in todays society.
You say that will never happen? It already has in the classrooms of Universities, Colleges, High Schools and down into the elementary level. It is exhibited in public protests, man on the street interviews, halls of State governments, even in the United States Houses of Congress.
Slavery was a great sin for which we payed dearly. But it ended! To employ it now as a weapon to achieve an ulterior motive, dishonors those who suffered under it and those who sacrificed to end it.