After the Constitutional Convention had concluded there was an immediate concern as to whether or not precious freedoms would be protected. Statesmen, such as Patrick Henry and George Mason, distrusted the newly minted document due to its lack of guaranteeing God given rights and freedoms. Many other founders were in agreement. They formed a party known as the Anti-federalists in order to protest what, they believed, was an effort to create another government like the one that they had just finished fighting for Independence. So a compromise was employed that would give that guarantee of perpetual rights. Ten Amendments were added to the Constitution. This new addition was called the Bill of Rights. The very first right (and in their estimation most important), was Freedom of Religion. It read, "Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of Religion, or the free practice thereof,". The "Establishment" meant that there would be no national sect, (i.e. Baptist, Congregational, Methodist, Anglican, Catholic etc) that would receive primacy over any other. It did NOT establish a secular government nor reduce the influence of Christianity on the Nations laws or culture. The "Free Practice" provided freedom from governmental interference in Church and public displays of worship, provided these displays were in accord with Biblical Law (no human sacrifice, jihad, removal of rights without due process etc). However, over the last century we have witnessed the decaying of these rights. What once was considered unthinkable, has come to fruition. A progressive tide of humanism has taken control of almost every facet of society. Humanism has infected our Universities, public schools, entertainment, social circles, even churches. That in turn has given birth to a government that has rejected it's Biblical roots for a man made and arbitrary system of governing principles. Our Courts cease to rely on a foundation of Christian principles and seek current thought and fads. Lawmakers bow to the special interest groups that willingly provide the politicians lifeblood, money. The governing executives, be they president, governor, or mayor, promise riches, healthcare, homes, and anything else that will get them elected. The media champions those politicians that will redistribute wealth and promote sinful practices that once were considered unmentionable. Then turn their hatred on those who stand for traditional values, condemning, ostracizing and labeling them as haters and worse.
These secular progressive humanists focus their vile venom on one particular group... Biblical Christians. Through the Courts, they have removed Christianity from public schools and from most of the public square. Lawmakers pass laws that give rights to those who partake in deviant practices that violate Biblical standards, while removing safeguards of the 1st Amendment. Executives brag about committing the murder of unborn infants and label those who protest as hate mongers. There was a time when these actions were literally unthinkable. How did this happen? We, the Christian Church, surrendered our Obligations, our Standing and our Commitment to Our Savior Jesus Christ. - Sandy