Cultural Impact Team Mission Statement:
In order to be the watchman over Christian values in society,
our mission will be to inform, equip, alert and mobilize
our brethren of significant issues confronting us daily.
We are to be the salt and light to our community.



Immediate Goals for Church Culture Impact Team

  1. Form a team and assign individual duties.
  2. Inform Congregation on Cultural Issues and the Biblical response to those issues. (I.e. Abortion, homosexual marriage, 2nd Amendment, 1st Amendment religious freedom issues, etc.)
  3. Provide information and material on current Office Holders, (State and Local) that directly affect the congregation.
  4. Provide material and information for upcoming elections.
  5. Set aside prayer time for our office holders and for those running in the election itself. Pray for their protection, guidance, and their families.
  6. Arrange to meet with candidates and office holders (when possible) and pray with and for them.
  7. Work with your Pastor, Elder Board, Deacon Committee, and any others who oversee the spiritual health of the Church Body. Always inform them before you proceed with any activity. Pray for them as well, knowing that we are in a spiritual battle and need God’s protection.

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