Cultural Impact Team Mission Statement:
In order to be the watchman over Christian values in society,
our mission will be to inform, equip, alert and mobilize
our brethren of significant issues confronting us daily.
We are to be the salt and light to our community.



When you become entitled to exercise the right of voting for public officers, let it be impressed on your mind that God commands you to choose for rulers,“just men who will rule in the fear of God.” The preservation of government depends on the faithful discharge of this duty. -Noah Webster, 1758-1843

How does a Cultural Impact Team benefit the Church?

1. The CIT helps fulfill the Command of Christ that we should be the “salt and light” to the world.
Matt 5:13-14

2. The CIT encourages the congregation to become involved with others outside their church, thereby opening avenues for witnessing and encouraging.  Acts 22:15  Heb. 3:13  Heb. 13:2

3. The CIT provides Biblical answers to current issues so that the congregation can understand and be ready with an explanation of why they believe the side of the issue they have taken.  2 Tim. 3:16
1Pet. 3:15

4.  The CIT opens communication between the church and our elected officials. Not only to encourage and support on like minded issues, but also an avenue to discuss items that create disagreement, accomplishing both in a Christlike manner.   Col. 4:5-6   Heb. 13:17

5. The CIT enables those who have failed to develop a Christian Worldview, become more in tune with what God’s Word teaches.  1 Cor. 2:16  1 Cor. 3:2. Heb. 5:12

6. The CIT encourages the congregation to pray for our governing officials as we are commanded to in  1 Tim. 2:1-4

7. The CIT encourages the congregation to be involved in government by voting, supporting Christian
Candidates that follow Biblical Concepts, praying for our leaders and candidates, holding elected officials accountable, and praying for God’s Will and Guidance. Prov. 21:1.   Titus 3:1. 1 Pet. 2:13-17

8. Finally, the CIT helps strengthen the congregation in Biblical precepts for which we are held accountable.   Rom. 14:12  Heb, 13:17


Should Christians be involved in Government?

1.  Should Government compel religion?
A. Genuine faith cannot be forced.  Rom. 10:9-10
B. Jesus distinguished the realms of God and Caesar. Matt. 22:18-21
C. Freedom of religion is a Biblical value.  Caesar should not interfere with the things of God. Gal 5:1

2.  Should Government exclude religion?
A. Changing Freedom of Religion to freedom from religion.  Declaration of Independence, 1st Amendment.
B, It wrongly restricts freedom of religion from freedom of speech
C. It was never adopted by the American people. Supreme Court wrongly enforced it (Lemon vs
Kurtzman 1971 and Everson vs Board of Education 1947)
D. Excluding religion removes from government God’s teaching of good and evil. 1Pet. 2:14

3.  Is all government evil and demonic?  Luke 4:6 vs John 8:44, Dan 4:17, Rom. 13:1-6, 1 Pet. 2:14  

4.  Should we just do evangelism and not politics?
A. God calls Christians to do good works. Eph. 2:8-10, Gal. 6:10, Matt. 5:16, Matt 22:39
B. Good works should be included in every facet of life, including government and politics.
C. Influencing government for good is a way to love our neighbor.
D.Obeying what God tells us is doing spiritual good because it glorifies God.  1 John 5:3, Matt 5:16
E. Good and bad governments make a huge difference in people's lives and may affect the church 1 Tim 2:2
F. Christians have had a positive effect on governments throughout history. (Rome, Europe, India, China, et al).  Christianity in England and America set standards for good government. i.e. importance of the individual, sanctity of life, equality of individual, etc.
G. Doesn’t the Bible say persecution is coming? Governments becoming more evil.  Acts 20:27
H. Does political involvement detract from preaching the Gospel?  God gives various responsibilities to church members using their gifts 1 Cor. 12:4, 12

5.  Should we then do only politics and not evangelism? 
A. Social gospel
B. Just having good laws WILL NOT solve the nation’s problems.
C. Hearts have to change, minds have to change, as well as the nation’s laws. All 3 are necessary

Significant Christian influence on Government

1. Old Testament support for Christian influence:
A. Daniel to Nebuchadnezzer.    Dan.4:27 (Compared to today not wanting to impose beliefs)
B. Daniel’s standing Dan 2:48-49
C. Seek welfare of city (laws and policy) Jeremiah 29:7.
D. Joseph Gen 41:37-45
E. Moses-Pharaoh, Nehemiah cupbearer to King Artaxerxes, Mordecai 2nd to Ahasuerus also Esther
F. Old Testament prophets. Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jonah, Obadiah, Amos, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah

2. New Testament support
A. John the Baptist Matt 14:3-4, Luke 3: 18-20, Mark 6:20-29
B. Paul Acts 24:24-25
C. Rom. 13:1-7
D. 1 Pet. 2:13-14

3. The responsibility of citizens in a republic is to understand the Bible’s teaching
A. Know what God expects from citizens in democracy
B. Churches need to teach what the Bible says  on moral subjects and how that applies to politics
C. What is Theonomy?  The imposition of Hebrew Old Testament law on America.  A misunderstanding of the realm of Church and realm of state.  Matt 22:21. (Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s)


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